Property Description

Kangundo road comprises locations in Ruai, Joska, Malaa, Kamulu, Kantafu, and other neighborhoods. The appreciation of land value is growing immensely. More than the average appreciating value of land in many parts of the country. It is therefore a sure investment both long-term and short-term.


Why invest in kangundo project

Cosmopolitan area

2. The area enjoys improved public transport and businesses have opened along the area.

3. Proposed dual carriage

4.. First economic growth.

5. Value for your investment

6. Increased infrastructural developments.

Note; Ready establishments, Very luxurious and exquisite bungalows and maisonettes have been built along Kangundo Road.

Amara Shallom Gardens – Mavoko and Ksh 1.35M cash and Ksh 1.52 M installment payable in 6 months. To reserve a plot under installment put up a deposit of Ksh 500,000.


Property Features

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