Amara Foundation

Welcome to Amara Realty Foundation

Amara Realty actively participates in corporate social responsibilities across a wide range of communities in Kenya. We work to enable Kenyans access food, quality healthcare, education, skills and sustainable employment by providing resources, opportunity, hope and dignity to communities. 

Supporting and partnering with communities has been core to Amara Realty ever since inception. Even before we had resources that we have today, we made a commitment as a company to connect with the communities we wanted to serve. Our first grants were small, but those modest amounts served the needs of those who were reaching out to us and as we connected directly with people’s needs, we lightened a lot of burdens and solved plenty of problems. 

Our current strategy builds on our strong history of results and partnerships and aims to contribute towards empowered communities.

Through our programs we have been able to reach as many vulnerable groups in our society as possible.

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