What is a Beacon in Land Matters

A beacon is a parcel boundary identifier that is protected by law. Each beacon possesses a unique position on the earth’s X and Y axis (coordinates). All parcels and their coordinates are stored in records either at the Survey of Kenya or the local lands office. So re-establishing a beacon is a matter of doing mathematical calculations involving angles and distances.

This is the most commonly used word in Kenya to refer to a survey mark affixed erected or placed for the purpose of denoting the boundaries of any land.

In our case, it’s a mark constructed and placed for the purpose of indicating a boundary.

These beacons are installed by land surveyors. Depending on the surveyor that installs them, the appearance may be different. Most beacons look like a concrete slab that sits on the surface of the ground with the plot numbers inscribed on them. Which makes them easier to find. Because of their size, the slab is placed with an iron Pin in Concrete (IPC), which can be used to locate the boundaries of the beacons that are not physically visible or lost.

Iron Pin in Concrete (IPC) is basically a metal rod forcefully nailed down into the ground.

How do beacons get lost? Well, if you live your land idle month upon month and year upon year, the beacons might be buried by runoff soil and new grass or carried away altogether by flood water as the weather keeps changing. Another reason is that some scrap metal dealers often mutilate beacons to get hold of the iron pin for reselling. Also during road construction, a bulldozer can inadvertently disturb a beacon position rendering it useless for the purpose it was intended.

When surveyors install beacons on a property, they first confirm the true boundaries with their equipment to ensure that what is on the ground corresponds to the deed plan. A good beacon confirmation and re-establishment should be able to tell the true area of your land as indicated in your title deed.

We usually do permanent beacons in our projects making for easy location of each plot in our projects.

Fencing the entire project together also assists all our clients in narrowing down the search area for each plots beacons

A gated community setup makes it easier to locate your parcel of land due to the familiarization to your neighbors through our company.

Choose us Amara Realty Company Limited, for your peace of mind.


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