Securing Your Retirement: Land – The Unbeaten Investment Choice with Amara Realty Company Limited


Retirement – the phase of life where your hard-earned dreams take center stage. To ensure your retirement years are as golden as you envision, smart planning is essential. One of the most reliable and unbeaten investment choices for securing your retirement is investing in land. In this blog, we’ll explore why investing in land with Amara Realty Company Limited is not just a smart move but a strategic step toward realizing your retirement goals. We’ll also delve into the steps involved in retirement planning and highlight some of the exciting projects available at Amara Realty.

Why Choose Land for Your Retirement Portfolio

  1. Tangible Asset with Remarkable Appreciation Potential

Land is a tangible asset; you can see it, touch it, and walk on it. Historically, land has demonstrated remarkable appreciation potential. With Amara Realty Company Limited, you can invest in prime plots strategically located for high growth potential.

  1. Diversify Your Retirement Portfolio

Diversification is key to managing risk in your retirement portfolio. Land investments provide a unique diversification opportunity, adding stability to your financial future. Amara Realty offers a range of land projects to suit your investment preferences.

  1. Reliable Income Stream

Investing in land doesn’t mean waiting until retirement to reap the benefits. You can generate income by leasing or renting out your land, creating a reliable income stream that complements your retirement savings.

  1. Hedge Against Inflation

Inflation can erode the value of your money over time. Land, on the other hand, often outpaces inflation rates. Your investment with Amara Realty Company Limited serves as a powerful hedge against rising living costs.

  1. Low Maintenance Costs

Unlike other forms of real estate, land typically has lower maintenance costs. No need to worry about property upkeep, repairs, or property management, making it an ideal, hassle-free investment as you approach retirement.

  1. Legacy for Your Heirs

Investing in land isn’t just about securing your retirement; it’s about leaving a lasting legacy for your loved ones. You can pass down these valuable assets to your heirs, ensuring their financial well-being and a secure future.

Steps Involved in Retirement Planning

Step 1: Set Clear Retirement Goals

  • Define your retirement lifestyle and financial needs.
  • Determine your retirement age and expected lifespan.

Step 2: Calculate Retirement Income

  • Assess your current savings, pension, and Social Security benefits.
  • Estimate the gap between your income sources and retirement expenses.

Step 3: Create a Retirement Budget

  • Develop a budget that aligns with your retirement goals.
  • Include essential expenses, leisure activities, and healthcare costs.

Step 4: Invest Wisely with Amara Realty

  • Consider land investment as a key part of your retirement portfolio.
  • Choose projects with strong growth potential and reliable developers like Amara Realty.

Step 5: Regularly Review and Adjust

  • Periodically reassess your retirement plan and adjust it as needed.
  • Stay informed about changes in your investments and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Available Projects at Amara Realty Company Limited

Amara Realty Company Limited offers a diverse range of land investment opportunities tailored to your preferences. Some of our exciting projects include:

  1. Amara Hope Gardens I & II Nanyuki: Nestled in a serene environment with great growth potential.

1 Acre Paradise

Cash Opportunity: Ksh 1.7M

Easy Installments: Ksh 1.9M

1/2 Acre Haven

Cash Offer: Ksh 945K

Installment Gem: Ksh 1.05M

1/4 Acre Sanctuary

Cash Treasure: Ksh 540K

Installment Marvel: Ksh 610K

  1. Amara Shalom Gardens phase II Joska Ndovoini: Strategically located with excellent access to amenities and infrastructure.


Cash Offer: KES 1.4M

Installment Offer: KES 1.57M (Deposit: 500k, Balance in 6 months)


  1. Amara Hope Gardens Phase II & Joy Gardens Phase III Ruiru East Mwalimu Farm: A promising investment in a region with remarkable development prospects.

Size: 100×100 (1/4 Acre)

Price: Kes. 1.65M (Cash) | Kes. 1.83M (Installments with 500k deposit, balance in 6 months)



Investing in land with Amara Realty Company Limited is not just a wise investment choice; it’s a strategic step toward securing your retirement dreams. Land offers tangible, appreciating assets, reliable income streams, and protection against inflation. With low maintenance costs and the potential to leave a legacy for your heirs, land investment is the ultimate unbeaten choice for retirement planning. Start securing your retirement with Amara Realty today and embark on your journey to a golden retirement.

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