Affordable Housing in Kenya: President Ruto’s Ambitious Program

Kenyan citizens have a new reason to look forward to affordable housing opportunities, thanks to President William Ruto’s housing program. Under this initiative, the government aims to construct 250,000 housing units each year, categorized into social, affordable, and market units.
This policy shift opens the door for workers earning over Sh150,000 monthly to own homes through the State-funded program. The units are priced as follows:
Social Housing: 20 sqm room at Sh840,000.
Affordable Housing: 30 sqm two-room house at Sh1.26 million.
Market-Driven Housing: 60 sqm two-bedroom house at Sh4.32 million.
The pricing is based on estimated construction costs, financing costs, and a markup. Affordable housing options include studios, and two- and three-bedroom apartments, while market-driven developments consist of two- and three-bedroom houses.
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